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  1. You may copy the information provided on Sauna and provide it elsewhere. Rick would appreciate that you credit Sauna in both name and URL but will not force you to.
  2. Sauna contains information taken ONLY from MapleStory client data. No other data will be provided from this site.
  3. The data on Sauna may or may not yet be accessible in MapleStory, this does not mean it is fake!
  4. Sauna may from time to time be out of date with the current Global MapleStory version. The most recent version globally updated to Sauna is displayed in the title. Other sections may have been updated past this version.
  5. Rick appreciates offers of collected data, but warmly declines. As previously stated, Sauna only contains data collected directly from the MapleStory client.
  6. Sauna is not operated or affiliated with NXgames or Wizet in any shape or form. This is strictly a fansite.
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