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Assaulter Assaulter (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Attacks a single monster with incredible power and speed. The attacked may even be stunned on a low succcess rate.

Band of Thieves Band of Thieves (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Summons fellow bandits to attack up to 6 monsters around the area.

Chakra Chakra (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Uses MP to recover HP. Only works when the HP is less than 50%, and it'll stop if either attacked or moved.

Meso Explosion Meso Explosion (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Explodes the mesos dropped on the ground around you to attack monsters. The mesos from the monsters killed by someone else will not be able to be used for this.

Meso Guard Meso Guard (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Uses mesos to guard 50% of the damage received. Once the skill is used, it saves up a certain amount of mesos, and once damaged from then on out, the mesos will be used based on the damage received. The skill will be turned off when the saved mesos are used up.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 3 on Chakra#

Pickpocket Pickpocket (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Temporarily increases the amount of mesos dropped off from the attacked monsters. The amount of mesos increases in proportion to the skill level and damage done to the monsters.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 3 on Meso Explosion#

Shield Mastery Shield Mastery (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Increases the def. of the equipped shield. Only works when the shield is equipped.