Skill Search

Hero's Will Hero's Will (Detailed)

Enables one to shrug off abnormal conditions. The higher the skill level, the more types of abnormal conditions one can nullify.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Detailed)

Increase all players' stats within a party by certain percentage

Ninja Ambush Ninja Ambush (Detailed)

For a set period of time, a group of ninjas hiding around the bushes will periodically ambush up to 6 monsters at once. : #cShadow Shifter level 5 and above#

Ninja Storm Ninja Storm (Detailed)

Summons ninjas to push back surrounding monsters.

Shadow Claw Shadow Claw (Detailed)

Allows the Night Lord to throw stars with using stars.

Shadow Shifter Shadow Shifter (Detailed)

With great reflexes, enables one to avoid the monster's attack.

Taunt Taunt (Detailed)

Provokes a monster, causing its general defense to increase. As a result, EXP earned and drop rate for items will increase for this monster.

Triple Throw Triple Throw (Detailed)

Attacks one monster by simultaneously throwing 3 stars.

Venomous Star Venomous Star (Detailed)

Throws a star that's been smeared with poison; the monster struck has a chance of being poisoned. Usable up to 3 times against each monster.