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Alchemist Alchemist (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Increases the effect of the recovery-based items like potions and others, and lengthen time for the effect, if the item is based on such. However, items such as Elixir and others that base the recovery in % do not apply in this skill.

Avenger Avenger (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Uses MP to make an enormous throwing star for attack. The throwing star will go through an enemy, and attack the ones behind it, too.

Flash Jump Flash Jump (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
While in the air after a jump, use this skill + the arrow for a second jump. The higher the skill level, the farther the distance for the jump.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 5 on Avenger#

Meso Up Meso Up (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
For a certain amount of time, everyone in the party can make the enemies drop more mesos than usual with this skill.

Shadow Meso Shadow Meso (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Replaces MP with mesos and attacks enemies with the damage based on the amount of mesos thrown. Nullifies the monsters' "weapon def. up" and "magic guard up."
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 5 on Meso Up#

Shadow Partner Shadow Partner (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Temporarily summons a shadow of oneself, repeating every move. There's no real stamina in it, and it will disappear after a while.

Shadow Web Shadow Web (Detailed)

[Spider Web : 20]
Creates a web of shadow of oneself to hold up to 6 monsters. Once stuck, the monsters held in the spiderweb will be unable to move.