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Dark Sight Dark Sight (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Use MP to hide behind the shadows. Can't be attacked, and can't attack either.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 3 on Disorder#

Disorder Disorder (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Temporarily decreases the weapon def. and attacking abilities of the affected, even stunting the ongoing attacks. Can't use this skill on a monster that's already in "disorder."

Double Stab Double Stab (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Use MP to quickly stab a monster twice in one turn using a dagger.

Keen Eyes Keen Eyes (Detailed)

[Master Level : 8]
Increases the range of attack using throwing weapons such as throwing stars & knives.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 3 on Nimble Body#

Lucky Seven Lucky Seven (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Use MP to throw 2 throwing stars and apply damage based on LUK, regardless of the rate of Claw Mastery.

Nimble Body Nimble Body (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Increases accuracy and avoidability.