Skill Search

Bow Expert Bow Expert (Detailed)

Increases the bow mastery as well as weapon attack. Only applied with a bow equipped.

Concentrate Concentrate (Detailed)

Temporarily increases weapon attack, while simultaneously decreases skill-based MP usage.
#c Terms between skills : 6 Minutes#

Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath (Detailed)

Drawing upon the spirit of the dragon, fires a powerful arrow of tremendous force that will knock back the target a long distance.

Hamstring Hamstring (Detailed)

Attacks a monster's leg with a given success rate, slowing it down tremendously in the process

Hero's Will Hero's Will (Detailed)

Enables one to shrug off abnormal conditions. The higher the skill level, the more types of abnormal conditions one can nullify.

Hurricane Hurricane (Detailed)

Fires away arrows at a tremendous speed, as chaotic as a nasty rainstorm.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Detailed)

Increase all players' stats within a party by certain percentage

Phoenix Phoenix (Detailed)

Temporarily summons the Phoenix, who is a fire-based ally. Attacks up to 4 monsters.

Sharp Eyes Sharp Eyes (Detailed)

Grants party members the ability to locate enemy weaknesses, and in turn inflict more damage by exploiting them.