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Cold Beam Cold Beam (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Attacks a single monster with a sharp piece of Ice. The monster will freeze if hit. Damages the fire-based enemies 1.5 times more, where as the ice-based enemies get only half the damage.

Meditation Meditation (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Meditate for a bit to temporarily boost up the magic attack of party members around the area.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 3 on MP Eater#

MP Eater MP Eater (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Absorbs the enemy's MP when attacking with Magic skills, until it reaches 0.

Slow Slow (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Temporarily slows down the movement of up to 6 monsters. Cannot be used on the same monsters more than twice in a row.
Required Skill : #cAt least Level 5 on Teleport#

Teleport Teleport (Detailed)

[Master Level : 20]
Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance.

Thunder Bolt Thunder Bolt (Detailed)

[Master Level : 30]
Attacks surrounding monsters with a thunder bolt. All monsters in the range receive damage.