Skill Search

Big Bang Big Bang (Detailed)

Gathers up numerous particles from the surrounding area to form an energy vortex, culminating in a powerful explosion.

Elquines Elquines (Detailed)

Calls upon the Elquines familiar, who is ice-based. Attacks up to 3 monsters.
Required skill : #cFire Demon level 5 and above#

Fire Demon Fire Demon (Detailed)

Provides consistent damage to a monster using a ball of fire from the Fire Demon. Monsters stricken by Fire Demon become vulnerable to ice-based attacks.

Hero's Will Hero's Will (Detailed)

Enables one to shrug off abnormal conditions. The higher the skill level, the more types of abnormal conditions one can nullify.

Infinity Infinity (Detailed)

Enables one to temporarily draw magic powers from sources surrounding the mage and use it in place of one's own MP.

Mana Reflection Mana Reflection (Detailed)

By drawing an incredible inner strength, enables one to reverse the flow of Mana back to the monster, returning the damage received from the monster. The returned damage cannot exceed 20% of maxHP of the monster.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Detailed)

Increase all players' stats within a party by certain percentage

Meteor Shower Meteor Shower (Detailed)

Summons meteors from outer space to shower the ground, striking up to 15 monsters at once. Incurs tremendous fire-based damages to those struck.

Paralyze Paralyze (Detailed)

Temporarily paralyzes the monster with a poison-based attack.