Skill Search

Achilles Achilles (Detailed)

Permanently increases the weapon defense of one's armor

Advanced Charge Advanced Charge (Detailed)

Increases the damage incurred when using Charge Blow. With a given success rate, the charge does not expire even after the initial Charge Blow.

Blast Blast (Detailed)

Strikes a single, tremendous blow to a single monster.

Divine Charge : BW Divine Charge : BW (Detailed)

Temporarily adds a divine element to the blunt weapon. The skill gets cancelled when the charge blow is used or expires.

Guardian Guardian (Detailed)

Blocks the monster's attack by using the shield with a given success rate. Additionally, if the close-range attack is blocked, the attacking monster will be stunned for 2 seconds. The skill only works when equipped with a shield

Heaven's Hammer Heaven's Hammer (Detailed)

Strikes the ground with a huge hammer to attack up to 15 monsters. The skill works when charged up in a Holy Charge.

Hero's Will Hero's Will (Detailed)

Enables one to shrug off abnormal conditions. The higher the skill level, the more types of abnormal conditions one can nullify.

Holy Charge : Sword Holy Charge : Sword (Detailed)

Temporarily adds a holy element to the sword. The skill gets cancelled when the charge blow is used or expires.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Detailed)

Increase all players' stats within a party by certain percentage

Monster Magnet Monster Magnet (Detailed)

Pulls a monster from afar up close.

Power Stance Power Stance (Detailed)

Enables one to stay at the same spot after being struck, resisting knock-back effects.

Rush Rush (Detailed)

Makes a mad dash forward, pushing off up to 10 monsters.