Cody's Valentine

Not Started

Requires level 8 or greater
Requires date after 01/30/2008, 9:00
Requires date before 02/20/2008, 0:00
I heard Cody was acting like he's madly in love. I better go see for it myself.

In Progress

Requires Heart ChocolateHeart Chocolate x1
Cody seemed to have a big-time crush on Maya, and wanted to surprise her with a Valentine's day gift. Since he couldn't go anywhere, he asked me if I could deliver chocolate for him, so I obliged. No one's better at making chocolate Cookers.

Heart Chocolate XX/1
Rewards 1500 experience
Rewards 1 fame
Rewards ChocolateChocolate x5 (0.10%) OR White ChocolateWhite Chocolate x1 (0.10%) OR Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate x1 (0.10%) OR Chocolate BasketChocolate Basket x1 (99.70%)


On behalf of Cody, I gave Maya the Heart Chocolate. She seemed very much ecstatic. Hopefully this is the start of something good...