Valentine's Day : Chocolate Basket

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Ace of Hearts
Ace of Hearts
Requires level 8 or greater
Requires date after 02/05/2007, 0:00
Requires date before 02/16/2007, 0:00
Requires Heart ChocolateHeart Chocolate x1
Apparently, Ace of Hearts can make a chocolate basket that extends the power of love using a number of Heart Chocolates.

In Progress

Ace of Hearts
Ace of Hearts
Requires Heart ChocolateHeart Chocolate x1
Requires White ChocolateWhite Chocolate x1
Requires Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate x1
Requires BasketBasket x1
Requires Cover MaterialCover Material x1
[Ace of Hearts] said with Heart Chocolate and additional materials, he can make a Chocolate Basket that expires at a later date. Apparently, it's good for 5 days, longer than that of Heart Chocolate.

Heart Chocolate XX / 1
Dark Chocolate XX / 1
White Chocolate XX / 1
Basket XX / 1
Cover Material XX / 1
Rewards 3600 experience
Rewards 3 fame
Takes 2500 mesos
Rewards Chocolate BasketChocolate Basket x1
Rewards ChocolateChocolate x3


I was able to make a chocolate basket for the person I dearly love for the Valentine's Day through [Ace of Hearts].