Torr's Horn

Not Started

Requires level 8 or greater
Requires date after 11/23/2007, 0:00
Requires date before 01/15/2008, 0:00
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
I heard Torr of Happyville has lost something very important...

In Progress

Requires Torr's HornTorr's Horn x1
I heard Torr of Happyville lost something very important, so I went to see her. I found her crying, and it turns out that... she lost her horn?!? How can you lose a horn?? She asked me to find her horn but... where can it be?

Torr's Horn XX/1
Rewards (randomly):


I found Torr's horn at the Cash Shop, and gave it back to her. She was ecstatic, to say the least. I hope she doesn't lose it anymore...