Teo's reminiscence

Not Started

Requires level 10 or greater
Requires date before 12/21/2002, 0:00
Requires you to be on channel 16
I think I can get some help from Teo in Lith Harbor...

In Progress

Requires Red Snail ShellRed Snail Shell x50
Requires Squishy LiquidSquishy Liquid x30
I met Teo at Lith Harbor. Teo told me I remind him of his youth when he went for many journeys. Reminiscing his past, Teo told me he wanted to help me. He said if I bring 50 Red Snail Shell and 30 Squishy Liquid, he will recognize my potentials and support me...ha! This is a Piece of cake!
Rewards 30000 mesos


I proved how good I am to Teo at Lith Harbor. Teo has acknowleged my abilities and financially supported me. With this support, I'll be a great adventurer.