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Ames the Wise
Ames the Wise
Requires level 40 or greater
mes the Wise has good news for me. It looks like his brother, Amos the Strong, has finished his hunting ground for married couples. I should stop by and get some more info!

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Amos the Strong
Amos the Strong
I visited Ames the Wise, and he explained the Amoria Party Quest in detail

I must visit Amos the Strong at the end of Purplewood Forest, and if I'm married, I can enter. I can either bring my spouse or go at it solo. I must team up with 5 other married people, and from there, the adventure begins!
Rewards 3000 experience
Rewards Amorian Rice CookieAmorian Rice Cookie x1


That wasn't so bad! Amos the Strong seems much different from his brother Ames--he had muscles coming out of his muscles! To enter his hunting ground, I must be married, and can either bring my spouse or go at it with 5 other married people. I should visit Amoria more often...I wonder what else is in this land...