Easter : Mad Bunny's Easter(Yellow)

Not Started

Mad Bunny
Mad Bunny
Requires level 8 to 29
Requires date before 04/12/2007, 0:00
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
I heard Mad Bunny isn't too happy with Easter. I should go talk to him and see what's up...

In Progress

Mad Bunny
Mad Bunny
Requires Easter BasketEaster Basket x1
Requires Yellow Easter EggYellow Easter Egg x10
Mad Bunny needs 10 Yellow Easter Eggs and an Easter Basket from me. He may be one angry bunny, but he did promise to pay me well for my service...

Yellow Easter Egg XX/10
Easter Basket XX/1
Rewards 3100 experience
Rewards Easter CharmEaster Charm x1


I gave him 10 Yellow Easter Eggs with the Easter Basket and he gave me an Easter Charm with some EXP. Not bad...