Graham Cracked

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Mr. Kit Kat
Mr. Kit Kat
Requires date before 01/15/2008, 0:00
What is that old man doing over there with all those Graham Crackers?

In Progress

Mr. Kit Kat
Mr. Kit Kat
Requires Graham CrackerGraham Cracker x50
I spoke with the old man, Mr. Kit Kat, and he wants to build a Graham Cracker house, but the monsters keep eating them...not that I blame them, they look delicious...despite my hunger, I've agreed to get 50 Graham Crackers for him so he can build his dream house.
Rewards Banana Graham PieBanana Graham Pie x2


I got all the Graham Cracker pieces (and resisted the temptation to eat them), returned to Mr. Kit Kat and he gave me something tasty?Banana Graham Pie. 2 of them!