Thanksgiving : Pumpkin Pie

Not Started

Grandma Benson
Grandma Benson
Requires level 15 or greater
Requires date before 12/10/2007, 0:00
Hmm...there's an old woman over in Henesys...maybe she needs some help cooking?

In Progress

Grandma Benson
Grandma Benson
Requires Pie CrustPie Crust x1
Requires PumpkinPumpkin x1
Requires FlourFlour x1
Requires Powder SugarPowder Sugar x1
I spoke with that kind old woman, Grandma Benson, and she needs some help with baking the pies. I've agreed to gather the ingredients for her, maybe she'll give me a pie to take with me...I hope so!

Pie Crust XX / 1
Pumpkin XX / 1
Flour XX / 1
Powder Sugar XX / 1
Rewards Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie x1


I finished gathering the ingredients for Grandma Benson, and she can finally bake the pies. I received a taste in return, and in something that can help me during a tough battle.