Independence Day : Alien Invasion

Not Started

Agent Marco
Agent Marco
Requires date before 07/06/2006, 0:00
Requires quest not completed within 192 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
Agent Marco of the Omega Sector is looking for heroes to protect our World. I need to get to him before all hope is lost.

In Progress

Agent Marco
Agent Marco
Requires Plateon's HelmetPlateon's Helmet x100
Agent Marco needs help on exterminating the Plateons on Boswell Fields. I heard that a tremendous number of Plateons are taking over the Boswell Fields and coming toward the Omega Sector. I need to take out bunch of Plateons and bring 100 Plateon Helmets to Agent Marco of the Omega Sector as a proof of my mission's success.

Plateon's Helmet XX/100
Rewards 3000 experience
Rewards The Stars and StripesThe Stars and Stripes


After I gave Agent Marco all 100 Plateon Helmets, I received the Stars and Stripes. This flag represents my support for the independence of our World.