Independence Day : Cody's Barbecue Party

Not Started

Requires date before 07/06/2006, 0:00
Requires quest not completed within 192 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
Cody from Henesys is looking for my help. I hear that it is only for the limited time. Better go to Henesys and check out what he wants before time runs out!

In Progress

Requires Pig's HeadPig's Head x50
Requires Tree BranchTree Branch x50
Requires LeatherLeather x50
Cody mentioned he is throwing a Barbecue party for Independence Day! He needs 50 Pigs' Heads, 50 Tree Branches and 50 Leathers to prepare for the Barbecue. I wonder what leather has to do with a Barbecue...

Pig's Head XX/50
Tree Branch XX/50
Leather XX/50
Rewards 2000 experience
Rewards Independence Day HatIndependence Day Hat
Rewards BarbecueBarbecue x10


I gave Cody the materials needed for the Barbecue! I got some delicious Barbecue and an Independence Day Hat for a reward!