Todd's How-to-Hunt

Not Started

Requires class
Requires quest Todd's How-to-Hunt not started
I hear #gTodd can teach us how to hunt.

In Progress

Requires Letty's hairballLetty's hairball x1
Requires Toy DrumToy Drum x1
Requires a Tutorial Leatty killed
Requires a Tutorial Drumming Rabbit killed
#gTodd taught me to move towards upper right-hand side to attack by pressing Ctrl and kill 1 x Tutorial Leatty and 1 x Tutorial Drumming Rabbit, then talk to #gPeter...

Tutorial Leatty XX
Tutorial Drumming Rabbit XX
Letty's hairball XX/1
Toy Drum XX/1
Rewards 10 experience


As #gTodd's taught me, I hunted down the monsters.