Papulatus's counterattack

Not Started

Mr. Bouffon
Mr. Bouffon
Requires date after 03/01/2008, 0:00
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
Requires quest Papulatus completed
Requires Piece of Cracked DimensionPiece of Cracked Dimension x0
I thought there would be no problem in the clock tower since I stopped the crack of dimension and got rid of Papulatus, but I still have things to do. Let's go to Mr. Bouffon.

In Progress

Mr. Bouffon said that once the crack occurs on the wall of dimension, it becomes weak so that can easily have holes. He was worried that Papulatus will attack again. Mr. Bouffon asked me to check out on Flo monitoring around the operation room if Papulatus comes in.
Rewards Piece of Cracked DimensionPiece of Cracked Dimension x1


Flo said Papulatus invaded again showing me the evidence of a piece of dimension crack. He asked me to get rid of Papulatus as I once killed Papulatus that I can do it again....