Huckle's Spirit Pouch

Not Started

Requires class
Requires quest Theory on Inverse Attributes of Summoned Beings (Familiars) in progress
Requires Soul PouchSoul Pouch x0
Hughes the Fuse says that Huckle will know how to make the spirit's pouch. Huckle seems to be a real expert on magical ingredients.

In Progress

Requires Free SpiritFree Spirit x50
Requires The Summoning RockThe Summoning Rock x30
Requires Evil SpiritEvil Spirit x50
Requires Binding BridleBinding Bridle x30
Huckle told me that he would make Soul Pouch if I bring all ingredients to him.
Free SpiritFree Spirit XX/50
Evil SpiritEvil Spirit XX/50
Binding BridleBinding Bridle XX/30
The Summoning RockThe Summoning Rock XX/30
Rewards Soul PouchSoul Pouch x1


After I gathered all the ingredients, Huckle made the spirit's pouch for me.