Porter's Durable Battery

Not Started

Requires class
Requires quest Black Clouds... in progress
Requires Long-lasting BatteryLong-lasting Battery x0
If I need Long-lasting Battery, I should go see Porter in Porter inOmega Sector : Omega Sector.

In Progress

Requires Papulatus CertificatePapulatus Certificate x1
Hughes the Fuse said he left Long-lasting Battery with Porter and told me to get it from him. But Porter says that he doesn't remember anything about Long-lasting Battery but he might if I bring him Papulatus Certificate. ...He's cunning, I certianly wouldn't guessed that by looking at him.

Papulatus CertificatePapulatus Certificate XX / 1
Rewards Long-lasting BatteryLong-lasting Battery x1


I gave him Papulatus Certificate and received Long-lasting Battery. At last!