Building a Ventilation Fan

Not Started

Requires class
Requires quest Black Clouds... in progress
Requires Ventilating FanVentilating Fan x0
If I need Ventilating Fan, I should go see Kay in Omega Sector : Omega Sector.

In Progress

Requires PropellerPropeller x100
Requires Steel PlateSteel Plate x1
Among the ingredients for Black Cloud Machine that Hughes the Fuse gave me, I came here because I was told to ask bKay for Ventilating Fan....but Kay says he's also busy and wants me to get ingredients: He needs 100 Propeller and 1 Steel Plate. Sure is a lot of stuff...

PropellerPropeller XX / 100
Steel PlateSteel Plate XX / 1
Rewards Ventilating FanVentilating Fan x1


I gave Propeller and Steel Plate and got Ventilating Fan. One step closer to the end...