Manji's Test

Not Started

Requires class or or
Requires [스토리북]읽을 수 없는 책[스토리북]읽을 수 없는 책 x1
Requires 2280012 x0
I obtained a book I can't read. It looks like it's written in a strange language. The writing is crude, almost like an animal wrote it...a kind of monster language. I wonder if Manji would know how to read it. Couldn't hurt to speak with him...

In Progress

Requires 200 The Charging Taurospear killed
My hunch paid off. When I asked Manji about the book, he examined the language closer and came to a conclusion. He said the book is about the Rush skill. He offered to translate, but he said that I must prove myself as one worthy to obtain such power--a true warrior in his eyes. I must eliminate 200 The Charging Taurospear in Hidden Street : Secret Shrine located at the entrance of the Sanctuary, deep in Sleepywood. Manji saw that I was surprised by the high number and advised me to make a party with a few of like-minded companions to ensure victory. This is precisely what friends are for...

The Charging Taurospear XX
Rewards 2280012 x1


With a bit of help from my trusty weapon, I easily defeated the requisite number that Manji requested. As promised, he translated the book, and it revealed the famed skill known as Rush. I can't wait to try it out!