Silver Mane

Not Started

Requires class or or or or or or or or or
Requires quest Pheromone Perfume completed
Requires HogHog x1
I've heard that Kenta has furthered his research and found a way to upgrade my existing mount. A faster monster to ride? I should go see Kenta in Aqua Road immediately!

In Progress

Requires HogHog x1
Requires Rexton LeatherRexton Leather x600
Requires Wooden Shoulder PadWooden Shoulder Pad x400
Requires Skull Shoulder PadSkull Shoulder Pad x400
I visited the Aquarium and Kenta has indeed found a way to make the mounts bigger, faster and stronger! However, he needs Rexton Leather, Wooden Shoulder Pad, and Skull Shoulder Pad to make the experiement a success. He asked for a "donation" of 50 million mesos to develop the technology for monster and human to co-exist. That's some expensive research! He must be raking it in...

Rexton LeatherRexton Leather XX/600
Wooden Shoulder PadWooden Shoulder Pad XX/400
Skull Shoulder PadSkull Shoulder Pad XX/400
Rewards 50000 experience
Takes 50000000 mesos
Rewards Silver ManeSilver Mane


It took a bit of time, but I returned with the needed items and "donation" he asked for. Kenta made my Hog into a Silver Mane. What a difference! My mount is so much sharper and stronger than before! I can run over almost anything now!