Lost Saddle

Not Started

Requires quest Monster Riding completed
Requires SaddleSaddle
I lost the Saddle that I received from Kenta! What should I do? Hmmm... maybe I should go see Kenta. I hope he's nice enough to give me another one!

In Progress

Requires Dragon SkinDragon Skin x200
Requires Dark Jr. Yeti SkinDark Jr. Yeti Skin x200
Requires Tiger SkinTiger Skin x200
Kenta says that making a Saddle for monster riding requires special ingredients. He needs 200Tiger Skin, 200 Dragon Skin, 200 Dark Jr. Yeti Skin. Kenta says he will also need 5 million mesos for "research purposes". I believe this is otherwise known as "extortion". He's probably a bit upset at me for losing the first one. Oh well, looks like I've got some work to do...

Tiger SkinTiger Skin XX/200#
Rewards 1000 experience
Takes 5000000 mesos
Rewards SaddleSaddle


I returned to Kenta with the proper materials and the 5 million meso extortion--I mean "Research Fee". In return for my efforts, I received Saddle from Kenta. I should be able ride monsters again with this. I'll be sure not to lose it again!