Monster Riding

Not Started

Requires level 70 or greater
Requires class or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or
The keeper of the Aquarium, Kenta, is researching a way to tame and possibly ride monsters. I should take a trip to Aqua Road and see if there's anything I can do to help!

In Progress

Requires PheromonePheromone x5
Requires Kenta's ReportKenta's Report x5
Kenta found out that someone is trying to steal his research. Kenta asked me to watch the wild boar and bring back Kenta's Report to him. On top of that, he asked me to get the wild boar's Pheromone as well...I'd better stay alert for this one--I don't want someone to steal his research before I learn how to tame and ride monsters!

Kenta's ReportKenta's Report XX/5
PheromonePheromone XX/5.
Rewards 32000 experience
Rewards SaddleSaddle


I obtained the items and returned to the Aquarium. For helping him with his research, Kenta gave me the monster riding skill and one Saddle for the monster. It's time to travel in style! I must look in the Tiger Ridge map, there should be some rubble lying about--a hidden portal. Traveling through it will transport me to a new area with the pigs. I can use the perfume when I'm close to one to capture it. After that, I can equip the Mount and the saddle, and use my new Monster Riding skill to call the mount! I can feed my pet by visiting the Leafre Pet Food Seller, and make it stronger. Hmm...I wonder if there's a way to get a stronger mount? I'd have to be ready for the 4th Job advancement, I'll bet..