Elpam's Gift

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Elpam Gorlab
Elpam Gorlab
Requires level 10 or greater
Requires date before 01/15/2008, 0:00
Looks like Elpam is celebrating a new holiday. I should head over to New Leaf City and check it out!

In Progress

Elpam Gorlab
Elpam Gorlab
Elpam is celebrating the holiday known as Versalmas! He'd like me to speak with O-Pongo, the Versalmas Mouse, and the one who gives presents. Looks like Elpam has received his gift from O-Pongo, who is also in New Leaf City, so doing this shouldn't be too tough...
Rewards Melting CheeseMelting Cheese x1


Elpam offered me a slab of Melting Cheese as a Versalmas gift! Er, a strange gift but I gladly accepted this as a token of friendship! He also said that I should speak with O-Pongo to learn more about this Versal tradition...