Happy Versalmas to You

Not Started

Requires level 10 or greater
Requires date before 01/15/2008, 0:00
Requires 4031877 x1
Now that I have Little Suzy's Wishlist, I need to give it to either Maple Claws or O-Pongo. I should go see O-Pongo in New Leaf City if I want to give it to him. Decisions, decisions...

In Progress

Requires 4031877 x1
I'm thinking it's Versalmas for me this year! All I have to do now to cement my decision is to actually give Little Suzy's Wishlist to O-Pongo. I can't wait! It's time for a change of pace!
Rewards 1002716 x1


Looks like I'm celebrating Versalmas this year! I gave Little Suzy's Wishlist to O-Pongo, and he gave me this awesome Versalmas Hat for me to wear proudly! Every time I bring O-Pongo presents I've collected from monsters, he'll reward me; I'll now be able to redeem presents to him in batches of 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, or 100. I'll get different rewards at different tiers; the more presents I bring at one time, the better the rewards! I'll need to bring him presents appropriate to my level though.
Bringing O-Pongo more presents will also help me earn Versalmas Cheer! If the total amount of Versalmas Cheer accumulated on my world beats out the total amount of Maplemas Spirit, O-Pongo will have something really nice for me at the end of the event!