Little Suzy's X-Mas Dilemma

Not Started

Requires level 10 or greater
Requires date before 01/15/2008, 0:00
There's a little girl with a puzzled look on her face in New Leaf City. With X-mas time just around the corner, she should be happy... I wonder why she looks so puzzled and confused instead? Looks like she may need some help with her Maplemas spirit!

In Progress

Requires quest The Spirit of Maplemas completed
Requires quest A Versal Tradition completed
Little Suzy was all excited for Maplemas this year... until she learned all about a similar holiday called "Versalmas" from a strange green mouse named O-Pongo. Now she doesn't know what sounds more exciting - Maplemas... or Versalmas? Suzy needs my help to help her decide which version of X-mas she should celebrate this year. In order to do that, I'll have to speak to both Maple Claws and this O-Pongo character, and then come back and talk to her. Maplemas holiday from an alternate dimension, huh? Very curious...
Rewards 1000 experience
Rewards 4031877 x1


I spoke to both Maple Claws and O-Pongo. It seems that both Maplemas and Versalmas have their merits. In the end, Suzy's put the decision on me: she's asked me to deliver her X-mas Wishlist to one of the two "Santas," which will determine which holiday she's celebrating this year. I have a feeling that this decision is important, that I'm not just making a choice for her... but also one for myself. Which holiday do I believe in?