Dinner Fixins'

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Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad
Requires level 20 or greater
Requires date before 12/10/2007, 0:00
Requires quest not completed within 24 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
It's time for Thanksgiving and I'm ready for some home cookin'! I should pay Mom and Dad a visit over in Henesys!

In Progress

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad
Requires CornCorn x1
Requires 2022261 x1
Requires 2022262 x1
Requires 2022263 x1
Requires 2022264 x1
I'm helping Mom and Dad make Thanksgiving dinner! I have to gather one of each ingredient: 1 ear of Corn, a can of 2022262, a 2022263, bowl of 2022264 and best of all, 2022261. They promised me an Allowance if I return quickly. I guess the Turkeys stole all the ingredients to make Thanksgiving fixins'... I guess they think that without the fixins', there'll be no dinner! No dinner? No way! Time to defeat some battle-hardened Turkeys!
Rewards 5000 experience
Rewards 4031864 x1


My trusty weapon did a fine job of ruffling those rowdy turkeys' feathers, and I obtained all of the ingredients for Mom and Dad. In return, they gave me my Allowance! I guess doing chores does pay off! I can take this to any of the Store Vendors in New Leaf City, and receive a Nexon Game Card for it! ...I'd better get out of here before Aunt Petunia shows up! Mom mentioned that I can help her with dinner once a day until it's time to eat!