Smores No More

Not Started

Requires level 25 or greater
MBI (Maple Bureau of Investigation) Agent Falcon has been standing in front of the Prendergast Mansion for quite some time. Maybe I should go see why he's still loitering around.

In Progress

Requires 2022244 x25
Looks like the bumbling MBI Agent Falcon just can't get a break. Just when he was ready to pack up and leave to report the findings for his Halloween mission, a mysterious little boy appeared and stole all the Smores Falcon had cooked up for his colleagues! Falcon has agreed to pay you 100,000 mesos (from his Agency discretionary account) if you recover 25 of his Smores for him. Easy money - or is it? The Smores look pretty tasty... I guess I'll have to try not to eat them myself as I collect them!
Rewards 100000 mesos
Rewards 2022242 x3


I collected Agent Falcon's Smores for him... they were a bit dirty but still good, so his colleagues back at the MBI Agency should be happy! In return, Falcon paid me the 100,000 mesos he promised. He also gave me some old medicine bottles that he'd found lying outside the house. They look pretty potent...