In Her Likeness

Not Started

Requires level 15 or greater
Requires date before 10/31/2007, 23:00
Requires quest The Infernal Toy Machine completed
Looks like Jonas fixed the machine... yet it's still cranking out these crazy toys. Maybe he is bonkers. Or maybe he needs some more help.

In Progress

Requires 2022245 x10
Requires 2022246 x10
Requires 4000400 x30
Requires 2022251 x10
Looks like Jonas needs help building a new doll, a more perfect likeness of Sophilia. I don't think he realizes she's dead. In any case, I have to collect 30 Locks of Doll's Hair, 10 Heartstoppers, 10 Maple Candies, and 10 Pumpkin Taffies. Why the candies? I may never know...
Rewards 8000 experience
Rewards 4031768 x1


I collected everything Jonas needed to build his new doll in the likeness of his daughter. I have to say though... it looks nothing like her.