The Infernal Toy Machine

Not Started

Requires level 15 or greater
Requires date before 10/31/2007, 23:00
Requires quest Special Delivery completed
I keep hearing the groans and bellows of machinery echoing through the house. What is making this racket? Is it where these infernal toys are coming from?

In Progress

Requires ScrewScrew x25
Requires FirewoodFirewood x50
Requires 4000399 x25
I found Jonas Prendergast in his Toy Workshop at the top of the house, in front of a huge toy machine which seems to be the source of all these infernal toys! It seems that his machine is not functioning properly. If I collect 50 Firewood, 25 Screws, and 25 Loaded Springs, Jonas can build the replacement part to get his machine working properly again. I know that the Rocking Horses will have the Firewood and the Psycho Jacks will have the Screws and Loaded Springs. I've got to get what Jonas needs-perhaps this will stop it from churning out all these crazy toys!
Rewards 6500 experience


I collected the parts Jonas needed to fix his machine. I hope I haven't simply helped a madman create more of his messed up toys.