Family Jewels

Not Started

Requires level 15 or greater
Requires date before 10/31/2007, 23:00
Requires quest Special Delivery completed
Oh...looks like Ludmilla is not quite done with me yet. I'd better head back and see what that nag wants now...

In Progress

Requires 4031769 x20
Requires 4031770 x10
I spoke with Ludmilla, and big surprise---her Cherry Pie Ghoulash didn't lure Jonas out. I think he probably pushed a bookcase in front of the door to ensure he never sees her again, but that's just a theory. At any rate, it looks like now her prized jewelry has mysteriously disappeared. She thinks Sophilia's taken it, but I'm not sure if I buy that, seeing as how she's...not around to do that. I have to gather 20 4031769s and 10 4031770s and bring them back to her. The woman complains way too much... sheesh.
Rewards 8500 experience
Rewards 4031767 x1


I found Ludmilla's beloved jewelry for her. In return she gave me a worn, but well-loved doll. It's seen better days, but it has charm. Someone is probably looking for this...