Special Delivery

Not Started

Requires level 15 or greater
Requires date before 10/31/2007, 23:00
Requires quest A Cold Hearth completed
There's a beautiful woman in the Prendergast house that looks mildly annoyed... perhaps I should speak with her.

In Progress

Requires Cherry PieCherry Pie x5
Man! I spoke-no, tried to speak with Ludmilla, and she wouldn't give me the time of day until I agreed to get her 5 slices of Cherry Pie for Jonas from Olde Sapp Village. A bit strange that she referred to New Leaf City as that, but Miki should have them at the potion shop. What a cranky woman...
Rewards 8500 experience
Rewards 2022245 x4


Well, I got Ludmilla her Cherry Pie, and learned a bit about Jonas and her love...for his money. No wonder Edmunds hates her. I should press that woman for more info about what's going on around here.