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Elpam Gorlab
Elpam Gorlab
Requires level 40 or greater
There's a mysterious traveler in New Leaf City-he doesn't look like he's from anywhere around here. I should ask him what's going on. It could be interesting...

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Elpam Gorlab
Elpam Gorlab
Requires Elpam MagnetElpam Magnet x30
I spoke with Elpam Gorlab, and he's a traveler from Versal, the mirror-world of MapleStory. He traveled here to observe us and our celebration, but due to the appearance of Amoria, he was thrown off-course and landed in New Leaf City. I've agreed to help get him home by collecting 30 Elpam Magnets. He's mentioned that the only creatures that have them here are the Barnard Grays. I'll have to head to Omega Sector and track them down. I didn't know that there was a mirror-world...I wonder if I have a double there...
Rewards 8500 experience
Rewards 2 fame
Rewards Elpam ElixirElpam Elixir x7


I got the 30 Elpam Magnets and returned them to Elpam. In return, he gave me an Elpam Elixir, something that's sure to help me. It looks like he needs more help though...