The Lantern at Mushroom Shrine

Not Started

Requires level 35 or greater
Hikari, a proud resident of Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine, seems to be annoyed by something.

In Progress

Requires Worn Paper LanternWorn Paper Lantern x50
Requires 100 Paper Lantern Ghost killed
Hikari was indeed annoyed by something. She was disturbed that the Worn Paper Lanterns that are being used at Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine is apparently stuck with ghosts. This isn't annoying; this is downright creepy. I better kill 100 Paper Lantern Ghosts and get her some Worn Paper Lanterns, just the way Hikari said.

Paper Lantern Ghost XX
Worn Paper Lantern XX/50
Rewards 10500 experience


I eliminated Paper Lantern Ghost and got some Worn Paper Lanterns for use. The more I think about it, I think Paper Lantern Ghost is much more of a dangerous presence than an unlit street at night.