Eliminating Dark Cloud Fox

Not Started

Requires level 40 or greater
Requires quest Hanako's Foxtail Coat completed
The 'best-dressed' lady of Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine, Hanako, seems to be perturbed at something...

In Progress

Requires 100 Big Cloud Fox killed
I found Hanako enraged - it appears her newly-purchased fabric was destroyed by a pack of Big Cloud Foxes. For someone as vain as she is, this is devastating. As a result, I promised her to eliminate 100 Big Cloud Foxes for her. The things I do for friends...

Big Cloud Fox XX
Rewards 10500 experience
Rewards Takoyaki (Octopus Ball)Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) x5


Hanako seemed thankful for me eliminating 100 Big Cloud Foxs. She must have bought some new fabric already.