Kino Konoko vs Fire Raccoon

Not Started

Kino Konoko
Kino Konoko
Requires level 25 or greater
Kino Konoko, who resides in the Mushroom Shrine, is having a bit of trouble with Fire Racoons. I should see if I can help!

In Progress

Kino Konoko
Kino Konoko
Requires 100 Fire Raccoon killed
Kino Konoko tells me that the food vendors and restaurants in Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine are suffering from Fire Raccoons attacking their places. I better help them out. I would not want to miss out on some great food around here! Now, where can I find Fire Raccoon?

Fire Raccoon XX
Rewards 2300 experience
Rewards Fish Cake(dish)Fish Cake(dish) x10


I let Kino Konoko know that I took care of 100 Fire Raccoons. She was ecstatic, to say the least. Hopefully that'll keep the Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine food from disappearing...