Kino Konoko's Concern

Not Started

Kino Konoko
Kino Konoko
Requires level 20 or greater
Kino Konoko is responsible for taking care of a small altar over in Mushroom Shrine. She seems to be concerned about something...

In Progress

Kino Konoko
Kino Konoko
Requires Crow FeatherCrow Feather x100
Tired of cleaning up after those pesky Crows, Kino Konoko wants me to gather 100 Crow Feathers. I'd hate to see the Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine covered in filth, so I've decided to help her. Time to pluck some Crow Feathers!

Crow Feather XX/100
Rewards 1700 experience


I gave Kino Konoko a whole bunch of Crow Feathers. It felt good seeing her being ecstatic over a bunch of Kino Konokos. Hopefully this will restore Zipangu : Mushroom Shrine's beauty...