Tae Soo Protecting the Peach Tree

Not Started

Requires level 55 or greater
The proud protector of Peach Farm, 2091003, has something he really wants...

In Progress

Requires 4031554 x1
2091003 wants to find a medicine that really speeds up the growth of Peach Tree. Tae Sang is a master at making these medicines, but he can't ask the owner of the Peach Farm to make the medicine for him, so he's asking me to get 4031554 from Mr. Do...

40315544031554 XX/1
Rewards 19800 experience
Rewards PeachPeach x15


I was able to obtain the medicine from Mr. Do and gave it to 2091003. Phew~ making a medicine through Mr. Do must be much more difficult than protecting the great Peach Tree~