Making Mastery Medicine

Not Started

Tae Sang
Tae Sang
Requires level 60 or greater
The resident pharmacist of Mu Lung : Mu Lung, Tae Sang, seems to be in the midst of creating a special medicine...

In Progress

Tae Sang
Tae Sang
Requires Bear FootBear Foot x4
Requires Ginseng-Boiled WaterGinseng-Boiled Water x10
Requires 100-Year-Old Bellflower100-Year-Old Bellflower x10
Requires Broken Deer HornBroken Deer Horn x10
Requires Snake LeatherSnake Leather x6
Tae Sang, who claims to be working on a medicine that'll take a regular person much closer to becoming a Master, requested that I gather up the ingredients for him. The ingredients required are: 10 Broken Deer Horns, 10 Ginseng-Boiled Waters, 10 100-Year-Old Bellflowers, 6 Snake Leathers, and 4 Bear Foots...

Broken Deer HornBroken Deer Horn XX/10
Ginseng-Boiled WaterGinseng-Boiled Water XX/10
100-Year-Old Bellflower100-Year-Old Bellflower XX/10
Snake LeatherSnake Leather XX/6
Bear FootBear Foot XX/4
Rewards 25000 experience
Rewards 2022143 x5


I managed to give Tae Sang all the required ingredients. It actually looks good enough to be a medicine to speed up the recovery from, say, fatigue, but will this really make us become Masters?