Recipe for the Medicine

Not Started

Requires level 85 or greater
I heard something happened in Leafre. I'd better go talk to Pam.

In Progress

Requires Birk's Chewed GrassBirk's Chewed Grass x80
Apparently something did happen at Leafre. I asked Pam what's up, and the concern was that the Hafrings living at the town ran into Kentauruses at the forest and were badly injured. To heal those Hafrings will require a medicine, and the Chief Tatamo mentioned that 80 Birk's Chewed Grass are required to make the medicine. I'll have to gather up 80 Birk's Chewed Grass now for the wounded Hafrings.

Birk's Chewed GrassBirk's Chewed Grass XX / 80
Rewards 58000 experience
Rewards All Cure PotionAll Cure Potion x30


After hearing from Pam that in order to cure the Hafrings that are wounded by Kentaurus, I'll need to gather up some grass chewed by Birks, I was able to do exactly that and gave them all to Pam.