Retrieving the Storybook : The Story of Axes

Not Started

Wiz the Librarian
Wiz the Librarian
Requires level 45 or greater
I heard the Helios Tower Library has been ruined. I need to go check it out...

In Progress

Wiz the Librarian
Wiz the Librarian
Requires Storybook on the Story of AxesStorybook on the Story of Axes x1
Wiz the Librarian seemed very concerned about the mix-up of the storybook on The Story of Axes, and he wished to get the story straight and find the storybook that actually does present the story in the right order.
Rewards 5000 experience
Rewards Melting CheeseMelting Cheese x30


Through the request from Wiz the Librarian, I have managed to straighten out the Story of the Axes and acquired the fixed storybook, afterwhich I headed back to Wiz and gave him the book.