The Fox Hunt

Not Started

Requires level 57 or greater
I should go visit Chumji, who is the chief of the Korean Folk Town.

In Progress

Requires Three-Tailed FoxtailThree-Tailed Foxtail x333
Chumji, the landlord of the Korean Folk Town, is concerned that the residents of the Folk Town is rapidly getting sick these days because of a bunch of Samihos from the Black Mountain that put curse on any person that crosses their path. In order to end the curse that is affecting the town, he said it requires 999 foxtails, and since each Three-Tailed Foxtail has 3 tails, I need to get 333 Three-Tailed Foxtails for him.

Three-Tailed Foxtail XX / 333
Rewards 30000 experience
Rewards All Cure PotionAll Cure Potion x100


To cure the curse of the Three-Tailed Fox that is affecting the residents in Folk Town, I gathered up 333 Three-Tailed Foxtails like Chumji asked. Chumji thanked me for my work, and gave me an all-purpose medicine.