Grandma Yeon's Pot

Not Started

Grandma Yeon
Grandma Yeon
Requires quest Pot with a Hole in progress
Requires quest Tae Gong's Love For His Wife completed
Requires New PotNew Pot x0
Word is that Grandma Yeon of the Folk Town is great at making pots.

In Progress

Grandma Yeon
Grandma Yeon
I needed a new pot for Kong Ji, so I went to see Grandma Yeon near water mill. She seemed very appreciative of the fact that I helped her husband get something done in the past, and decided to sell it to me cheap. 5,000 mesos?is that really considered cheap?
Takes 5000 mesos
Rewards New PotNew Pot x1


I was able to purchase Grandma Yeon's pot for 5,000 mesos.