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Requires level 55 or greater
Chumji from Korean Folk Town is looking to gather up some people to fight against tigers. Should I join?

In Progress

Requires Tiger SkinTiger Skin x10
Requires 10 Hogul killed
Chumji of Korean Folk Town is concerned about the fact that lately, the Hoguls have been surprising numerous people with their appearance at the Black Mountain. He asked if I could go up to the mountain, defeat 10 Hoguls, and bring back 10 Tiger Skins as proof.

Tiger Skin XX/10
Hogul XX
Rewards 20000 experience


Through Chumji's request, I went up to the Black Mountain and defeated 10 Hoguls, the same Hoguls that have put many residents of the Folk Town in fear. Also, as evidence, I collected 10 Tiger Skins, and gave them to Chumji. He commended my courage and for the job well done.