Chil Sung's Roasted Pork

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Chil Sung
Chil Sung
Requires level 37 or greater
Requires quest not completed within 2 hours (it is a repeatable quest).
Requires quest Brotherly Love completed
Apparently, the place that makes the best roasted pork in Korean Folk Town is Chil Sung's...

In Progress

Chil Sung
Chil Sung
Requires PounderPounder x5
I went to Chil Sung's place because he was apparently the best at making roasted pork in Folk Town. He asked for 5 Moon Bunny's Pounders and 1,000 mesos in return for roasted pork.

Pounder XX/5
Takes 1000 mesos
Rewards Roasted porkRoasted pork x1


I gave Chil Sung 5 Pounders and 1,000 mesos for 1 roasted pork.